News Item: Unbreakable is in stores everywhere NOW!
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Posted by Jay
Thursday 01 October 2015 - 20:00:00

Janet's highly anticipated and already critically acclaimed 11th studio album is in stores and on Spotify now. Make sure to get your copy and also stream the album. The album features three different cover versions. The Target version has two exclusive tracks and the Japanese contains those target bonus tracks as well as an exclusive No Sleeep remix. Scroll down for links to purchase the various versions of the new album.

*itunes* Click HERE To Buy on itunes
*Google Play* Click HERE To Buy on Google Play
*Amazon* Click HERE To Buy the Physcial CD on Amazon
*Amazon* Click HERE To Buy the MP3 Album on Amazon
*Target Exclusive* Click HERE To Buy The Target Exclusive Version
*Amazon UK* Click HERE To Buy the Limited Edition Eyes Closed Cover
*Amazon Japan* Click HERE To Buy the Japanese Version of Unbreakable

*SPOTIFY* Click HERE To Stream Unbreakable on Spotify

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