Saturday 04 October 2014


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JanetMedia could really use the talents of all you Janet fans. We needs new banners and backgrounds. We know doing this can be time consuming for a lot of you so as an incentive we have a few things to give away. We will give one(or all?) of these items to whoever's graphic we choose for the site.

If you are interested contact us via email or FB.


User Registration

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Because the site is brand new all users will need to register for a new account in order to download files. Registration should be seamless if it isn't send us an email.
Thursday 05 January 2012

File playing instructions

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How To Open/Play files.

In order to play the videos or audio that we have posted o­n this media site, you MUST DO these following steps prior to downloading...

1.) You MUST! download VLC player in order to view the videos. Download the player at o­nly takes up a couple minutes of your time. You can download it here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD VLC MEDIA PLAYER

2.) Winrar must also be downloaded and installed o­n your PC or SMARTPHONE. You can download the program from: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WINRAR FOR PC OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WINRAR FOR ANDROID


1.) You need to find the specified location of where you downloaded the file. The file will have an extension of .rar or because it is compressed in a Winrar file.
2.) Double click o­n the file, which will then open up the winrar console. Inside of the console, you'll see the actual videos themselves.
3.) Highlight the video files in the winrar console, click the button "Extract To" at the top of the toolbar, and then specify a location to where you want the files to be extracted to. Let the program run, and when the file is done unzipping, you can then open it.
4.)Double click o­n the file, and then it will automatically open in the media player you have selected as the default for that file type on your computer.

These instructions should work for any audio or video files that we've uploaded on here, because we have tested every one of them before we've released them. I know people have had issues with downloading/playing videos in the past, but these strict instructions should make it clear for anyone else who wishes to download in the future. If you continue to have problems, then contact us.
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